Wells Fargo Championship

Each year we look forward to going to the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow in Charlotte. This year we even nabbed a babysitter and went just the two of us. It was super fun to walk the course and see all of the players in their element. I always love a good day-date with my main squeeze. 

April According to my iPhone

Another analyst in James' group was working on a recipe for a wedding and we were able to reap the benefits. Annie had a blast playing with their guitars and we had a great time chatting and eating.

We enjoyed a fun playmate at Romare Bearden park just as spring was blossoming. It was gorgeous and I was thrilled to see Annie's tight "summer curls" popping out again.

Those same coworkers of James' had him over for a gourmet meal while I was gone. I guess you could say he wasn't missing my cooking. This looked amazing!

Annie was busy helping every doll or stuffed animal go potty on the toilet.

I endured lots of laundry. As usual.

And we had a leak in our roof before I left. We were getting more and more anxious to move into our new home.

I left James a whole bunch of cereal for when I was gone. 

We returned home to a huge box from Nana Barker for Annie's birthday! We were thrilled! Annie was in LOVE with her new bitty baby seat and fed Baby Lulu in it any chance she could get. She also loved her Easter presents and even enjoyed a good potty read.

I about died with laughter when I opened the fridge and saw this. This tells you how many times James opened the fridge while I was gone….

And that's a wrap on April!

Utah in April Part III

I was lucky enough to also plan my trip to see Kourtney graduate from BYU Law School AND attend Jessie's baby shower. At this point I had managed to squeeze in Chelsea's wedding, a Vegas trip with friends, Annie's birthday, and loads of time with my parents. I'd say this trip was a heavy hitter for me. I was so proud of Kourtney and glad I was able to see this dream come full circle. I still remember her writing this down in her life plan on a bus in London. When we pulled on to BYU's campus I wailed up. Which then led to a huge burst of laughter between me and my Mom. Who am I? These kind of BYU fanatics used to drive me insane, now I am one of them. That was such a magical part of my life. One that will never exist again - I just get so sentimental being back on that campus. We had a big dinner for Kourtney afterwards and it was fun to celebrate with her family and friends. Annie especially loved hanging out with Dave. My Mom was such a HUGE help this entire trip. She kept Annie in the hall during the graduation and waited countless hours in the car with her while she slept. She even missed half of the dinner celebration while Annie took a little snooze. I can't thank her enough for coming along with my shenanigans.

The next day was Jessie's shower at the Grand America. We had a ball eating, giving gifts and showering baby Nate! We only wished he could have made his grand entrance while we were all in town. I still can't believe Jess is a Mom! Baby Nate is truly the cutest newborn I think I've ever seen. Love him already.

We spent Saturday visiting family and playing in SLC. It was such a treat to visit Nana and introduce her to Annie. She is just so classy and you can see where my darling Mother-in-law gets her style and kindness. Annie loved visiting Nana's house. Then it was off to Aunt Jeannie's house for a visit with the family. It was so wonderful to see all of them. I can't believe we were able to squeeze it all in. Luckily for us my Aunt Sheron was generous enough to let us stay at her house even when she wasn't there. Annie had a ball on her rocking chair! 

We met Melissa at the outlets before we headed home and she was off on her big trip around Europe. So grateful for this bestie. We joked that Utah was kicking me out. Honestly, snow at the end of April? Yes, send me home!

Overall the trip was a huge success. I can't thank my Mom and Dad enough for making it so wonderful and accommodating. I sure am lucky in the parents department! They'd move mountains for me if I asked them! Sadly, I missed my Mom's birthday by two days! I managed squeezing sooo many things in, but not that! Maybe next year?!? It was a wonderful Utah trip but we were excited to get home to our Daddy!


St. George in April Part II

We were lucky enough to have James join us for part of our trip. It was a much needed break for him and we had a blast in St. George. He golfed, relaxed and of course, ate Nielsen's with Grandma on her front porch. She had us in stitches after as she tried to get us to stretch our backs. James and I were both laid out flat on the floor as Grandma showed us stretches. It was the best. We enjoyed the usual hike on the sugar loaf, showing Annie where we "sealed the deal" and just lounging around the house. We sent him back on the shuttle and he was back to reality before he knew it.

Dani Bree was passing through town one morning and we couldn't wait to get Annie an Carter together for the first time. Of course this was the only picture I could snag. Sad day.

Afterward my Mom and I took Annie to the little Children's Museum in St. George which was incredibly impressive. And then to check out a boutique in Ancestor Square.

Annie was in heaven with a backyard. She'd play out there all day on the grass while I laid out. It was heavenly.

Hands down, by far, the best moment of the trip was this right here. My Dad was playing on the piano and singing one Sunday morning (as he usually does). We were all thrilled to hear him play and before we knew it, Annie was climbing on his lap for a peak. If you know my Dad, you know he is quite the jammer on the piano. He doesn't read music, just chords and mostly plays by ear. He's incredible. Needless to say, hymns have never been his forte so you just have to sing it and he plays along with your tune. Annie and I sang I am a Child of God and he was pounding it out in seconds. Annie was a ham with the microphone. I wanted time to stand still. With everything that has happened to my Dad over the last few years we always cherish these sweet memories. I loved watching Annie adore him and play on the piano with him. Another video I can't wait to put in our yearly motion picture. These pictures are worth a thousand words to me.

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